Cascara and Clave

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Learn the basics of Cascara and Clave for the Drum Set.

Mambo is also referred to as latin jazz, salsa, guaracha and son. Mambo is based on the clave rhythm. Everything is played, arranged and composed with the clave in mind. There are two clave patterns: son clave and rumba clave. The clave is in 2-3 or 3-2 depending on how many hits there are in a measure. It is also important to know that the music sometimes starts on the 2nd part of the clave pattern. One of the first percussion parts to learn in Mambo for drum set comes from the timbales. This is the shell pattern called “cascara.” Cascara can be played on a variety of surfaces but most often it’s played on the shell of the floor tom.

3 thoughts on “Cascara and Clave

  1. Here are some things to remember:

    1. Play the right hand pattern only.
    2. Add the accents to the right hand part.
    3. Add the left hand part, keeping your mind on the right hand part.
    4. If it’s difficult to play all at once, add only the first note of the left hand.
    5. When you’re ready, add the second note, then the third, etc.
    6. Keep it slow and steady, and make sure you’re playing the correct pattern.

  2. I’ve been generating pdf files as I review and practice Mark’s lessons. The content of the pdf files are basically snippets of the notation while Mark is playing the lesson. I may have some commented text associated with the notation, but you should review his lesson for his detailed explanation. Hope this helps. If I get access to the forum, I will post there. For now, here is the link for the pdf which has the lessons in the SON/MAMBO/GUARACHA/LATIN JAZZ section.

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