Triplet Exercise for Drum Set

Bass Drum Floor Tom Triplet Exercise

Bass Drum Floor Tom Triplet Exercise

This is written for bass drum, floor tom, and snare drum. Use your hi hat foot as the metronome, playing quarter notes (or dotted quarters, if you’re thinking of this in 12/8). Repeat the two bar sections, and make them groove as hard as any time feel.

Next, play two bars of time, followed by the two bar exercise, and go on to the next one.

The basic idea is to be able to incorporate this lick into a solo, starting at any point in the pattern, or anywhere in the bar.


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  1. Playing this exercise, should 2 bars of time be played as 12/8 or 4/4? always wondered if the feel of the groove should match the exercise time signature. Any favorite that you like to play with triplet exercises?

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